Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Master Crafted Miniatures bits.

I ordered some bits from Master Crafted Miniatures .  The company is located in England.  I needed some bits for my Primebeef proxy.  The proxy is suppose to represent me on the tabletop.  MCM has a collection of shoulder pads that look great.  I found shoulder pads with spikes on them, similar to Alec Thomas' artwork.  The site also had several hands with various finger gestures, which I believe will give my proxy extra character.  I bits were modestly priced, and the shipping was E 3.15.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

I had a second Ultramarines commission drawn up by the incredible Alec Thomas.  The piece Coup de Grace was finished in June 2017.  I wanted to develop the narrative of Ultramarine Captain Sol.  This time I wanted an action scene deep inside enemy lines.  I asked Thomas to illustrate a scene that showed the immense scale, and ruthlessness of space marines.  Thomas did a wonderful job on this piece, an excellent addition to my personal collection of Warhammer 40K art.

I had a Ultramarines commission illustrated and painted by Danny Morison in December of 2016.  It depicts me as an Ultramarines Captain flanked by a Company Champion and Sergeant.  I included shout-outs to my favorite podcasts Life After the Cover Save and Imperial Vox Cast.  My favorite detail would be my nom de guerre Primebeef on the Captain's power sword.  A great piece of work by Morison.

I finished a few more of my The Kin gremlin models.  I have a few more to put together and paint before I play Malifaux with my new crew.

Monday, March 20, 2017

I have been painting up an The Kin crew for Malifaux.  I like the gremlin faction, and enjoy their haphazard way of getting things done.  The miniatures are full of character, and have a mischievous streak about them.