Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to make game cards to mark your Forests, Jungles and Woods area terrain.

I picked up an awesome idea from Tall Mike (RIP) one of the hosts of the Imperial Vox Cast.  Mike is a reformed Magic player, and he had the ingenuity of making up some Magic cards displaying the Forests, Jungles, and Woods (FJW) random table results.  I don’t play Magic, but I do like the idea of quick reference cards that can be placed alongside a terrain piece to mark what it’s random FJW table result is. 

To being with I scoured Google images for some pictures to represent the FJW results.  Once I had the pictures I needed, I stored on my PC.  Next I used my Microsoft Word to make four rectangles on a page.  I made the rectangle size 3.62” x  2.62” which is the size of a plastic game card sleeve.  Each rectangle is an individual creation.  I found copy and pasting changes the rectangles dimensions and blurs the text inside the rectangles.  I made sure to align the out board sides of the cards to the margins.  In one box I typed up the FJW text.  In the opposite rectangle I pasted the picture I wanted to use.  I did this twice, and then I printed the sheet.  I reloaded the same sheet and reprinted the page.  I readjusted the images 1/8” to the right before I reprinted.  This helped with the card alignment.  This will give you double sided cards.  After I printed the cards out I realized they needed some durability, so I took the cards down to my local Staples and had them laminated.   Last, I cut the cards to size. 

Printed Sheets

Close up of my Carnivorous Jungle card
Finished cards, ready to place next to terrain. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster

I decided to back Mike McVey’s Sedition Wars: Battle forAlabaster Kickstarter last year because I believe he is a talented miniature painter and sculptor.  My game finally arrived in the mail, and I’m in love with the detail of the miniatures and the amount of things I received.  I’m still waiting for the second half of my order, but Studio McVey accounted for the time between the box set and the extra bits still being sculpted and manufactured.  I can’t wait to read my rule book and try to get some games in, but right now time is tight.  Everything is on the back burner while I get this month’s IC Hobby Progress Challenge entries done and out of the way.  Here’s a quick pick of what I got in the mail.  The stuff in bags outside of the table came in its own small box.  The actual game box contents are not displayed. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

IC Hobby Progress Challenge '13

It's a new year and I'm up and running.  This year begins with me accepting the The Independent Characters 2013 Hobby Progress Challenge.  It's a contest held by Carl Tuttle and Geoff Hummel on their podcast website The Independent Characters.  The challenge is simple, create a 1850 competitive list, then build and paint your army to match.  You can also forgo starting an army from scratch, and instead do additions to your existing army.  Every month you have to finish a unit or character and submit before and after pictures of the miniatures you are entering.  For every entry you put in, you get a chance to win a prize.  For the full details visit the IC's on their site and read the contest rules there. 

My first entry will be my Vulcan He'stan, who has been sitting around primed and ready for months. 
My second entry is a unit of Sternguard with combi-meltas and heavy flamers.  This unit takes parts from several different sources.  The marines helmets are from Maxmini, while the sergeant's helmet is from Forgeworld.  The weapons are from Custom Minis.  I put everything together with Gorilla Super Glue and some green stuff. 


Here's an Sternguard update.  I finished adding Dhener Stone on the white area of five of my Sternguard.  I still have to finish the rest of them, and paint up Vulkan He'stan before the end of the month.  The pressure is on. 

The finished Sternguard squad.  I still need to find some cross decals so I can use them for the right shoulder pad markings.