Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tau Suits 2

Here are some more Tau Crisis Battle Suits.

Tau Suits

I began collecting Tau miniatures when GW released them in late 2001.  I think it was the Crisis Battle Suits that attracted me to collect the army.  The suits reminded me of Robotech mecha.  I remember the army didn't play well on the table, it was weak in every aspect imaginable.  I placed my Tau army away in storage and moved on.

Today I enjoy the painting and building part of the hobby, and play games once in a while.  I wanted to update my Tau army, and give it a second life.  I spent many hours assembling and posing my Tau.  I believe the original Crisis Suits were to static and cried out for motion.  I used green stuff, pins, and after market bits to help give my Tau some variety.

I do own one of the new Crisis Suit boxes that came out last year.  The new suits designed well. The problems I address above are not present on the new suits, which is a good development for the kits.  I look forward to putting the new suits together when I find time.

The unique bits were designed by Jon Paulson of Paulson Games, whose bits can be found on Red Dog Minis website.

The Butcher

I painted up The Butcher from Kingdom Death: Monster.  I like this model, its dark detail makes it a creepy experience to paint.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Back from a long hiatus.  My last entry took place in January of 2015.  Last year was special, I got married and that took center stage.  Happy to say my excellent wife and I have completed our first year of wedded bliss.  We are still getting the hang of things, we are sticking to the three C's communication, commitment, and compromise.  Now that our home has settled into a steady pace, there's time to do extra things such as this blog.  I'm going to give it another go.

One of my favorite miniature games to date is Kingdom Death: Monster. I enjoy the way the game is set against the player, always looking to cut your session short.  The game play is unforgiving, if you make a mistake, your party will pay the consequences.  That alone makes ever victory a cause for celebration among the survivalists.  The only thing better then a hair raising game of KD:M are the nicely detailed miniatures included with the game.  When it comes to the models Adam Poots the game designer, hit it out the park.  Below you will see a few of my painted KD:M models, they were an absolute pleasure to paint.