Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I got a box of heads from Maxmini in the mail.  Maxmini is based out of Warszawa, Poland.  I have been wanting to make some scouts for my Ultramarines army for a while now.  I don't like the heads that come in the Scout box, so I started looking around for suitable replacements.  I looked on Maxmini's site and was delighted to see these new Boonie Hat heads up for purchase.  I picked up some of the Boonie Hat heads along with some Ash Junker, and Generic Male heads.  I've purchased from Przemyslaw Jeske the owner/operator of Maxmini in the past with no problems.  Jeske makes some superior resin sculpts.  I think the heads I purchase are going to add a lot of character to my miniatures.  As a side note, Maxmini was nice enough to send me a free sniper rifle, how sweet is that. 

MaxMini heads, and sniper rifle
Boonie Hat heads

Dark Potential

One of my favorite Canadian war gaming websites is This Ontario based outfit does it all.  The owners Dave and Mathew have a genuine passion for war gaming and it shows through the way they promote war gaming on their site.  Last year Mathew came up with an idea, to create a new post apocalypse table top skirmish game he titled Dark Potential.  Mathew turned to to acquire the crowd funding he would need to turn Dark Potential from a concept to finish product.  Last week I finally received my Petrove-Morales Corporation and the X'lanthos starter sets in the mail.  The miniatures are all metal.  They look hardy, and a bit taller then Corvus Belli miniatures, but slimmer than Games Workshop miniatures.  I'm looking forward to putting them together.  I'm thinking of using Cool Mini or Not Dark Age base inserts, or Secret Weapon Miniatures town square bases

Dark Potential Box Art, front

Dark Potential Box Art, back

Box content

Size comparison