Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Master Crafted Miniatures bits.

I ordered some bits from Master Crafted Miniatures .  The company is located in England.  I needed some bits for my Primebeef proxy.  The proxy is suppose to represent me on the tabletop.  MCM has a collection of shoulder pads that look great.  I found shoulder pads with spikes on them, similar to Alec Thomas' artwork.  The site also had several hands with various finger gestures, which I believe will give my proxy extra character.  I bits were modestly priced, and the shipping was E 3.15.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

I had a second Ultramarines commission drawn up by the incredible Alec Thomas.  The piece Coup de Grace was finished in June 2017.  I wanted to develop the narrative of Ultramarine Captain Sol.  This time I wanted an action scene deep inside enemy lines.  I asked Thomas to illustrate a scene that showed the immense scale, and ruthlessness of space marines.  Thomas did a wonderful job on this piece, an excellent addition to my personal collection of Warhammer 40K art.

I had a Ultramarines commission illustrated and painted by Danny Morison in December of 2016.  It depicts me as an Ultramarines Captain flanked by a Company Champion and Sergeant.  I included shout-outs to my favorite podcasts Life After the Cover Save and Imperial Vox Cast.  My favorite detail would be my nom de guerre Primebeef on the Captain's power sword.  A great piece of work by Morison.

I finished a few more of my The Kin gremlin models.  I have a few more to put together and paint before I play Malifaux with my new crew.

Monday, March 20, 2017

I have been painting up an The Kin crew for Malifaux.  I like the gremlin faction, and enjoy their haphazard way of getting things done.  The miniatures are full of character, and have a mischievous streak about them.   

Thursday, February 2, 2017

I picked up some after market miniatures and bits from several different companies.  I want to post them so others can see the type of packaging the companies use, and quality of the miniatures.

Red Dog Minis

 Red Dog Minis missile launchers, ion energy blasters, beamers, autocannons, and lasers.

Zach Hightower Ebay Store

 Zach Hightower flowers

Zealot Miniatures

 Zealot Miniatures Spined Hounds

Grim Skull Miniatures aka Wargame Exclusive

 GrimSkull Miniatures aka Wargame Exclusive Spectre Assassin and Veteran O'Katn