Friday, September 20, 2013

Gaming Templates

I lost my flame template for my 40K game a while back and needed to replace it.  I had the option to buy a new one, but instead I copied the templates in the back of the main rule book. 

The templates were easy to make.  I copied the page with the templates on it.  After copying them on a color printer, I cut them out with a scissor.  I cut out the holes in the center of the templates using an X-acto knife.  I had the templates laminated at my local Staples.  Then I cut them out leaving a little plastic around the edges of the template, to keep the templates from warping.  Done. 


How to make stencil template.

Some times I need to make a stencil template to repeat a pattern or design for my models or terrain.  The templates are great for airbrushing and for repeating terrain details.  Here is the way I create my templates, and how I apply them. 

What you'll need:
  1. Cardboard; you can get this from cereal boxes, or buy card stock at an art store.
  2. Blue painters tape; you can use regular masking tape, but I find it may take away paint from models. 
  3. X-acto knife and scissor
  4. Pencil or pen
  5. Steel ruler
  6. Cutting surface
To begin with use your scissor to cut out a piece of cardboard to work with. 

Copy your design onto the cardboard. Blacken in any areas you want to keep or cut out.  Just remember to be consistent. 

Use your X-acto knife and steel ruler to cut out the designated areas. 

Place some blue painters tape down on your cutting surface.  You can overlap tape incase your template is large and you need more room. 

Place your stencil template over the blue painter tape, and use your pencil or pen to mark the areas that you will be cutting out on the blue painters tape. 

Using your X-acto knife and steel ruler cut out the shapes on the blue painters tape. 

Your blue painters tape is now ready to place over your models or terrain. 

You can keep reusing the cardboard stencil template as many time as you need to repeat your design over blue painters tape, cardboard or polystyrene sheets. 

Note: The blue painters tape will begin to lift up if you leave your template on a model or terrain piece for a long time.  Run your fingers over the blue painters tape before beginning to paint if you left it sitting around for a while. 

Template example.

Template example applied to my drop pod ramps.