Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I got a box of heads from Maxmini in the mail.  Maxmini is based out of Warszawa, Poland.  I have been wanting to make some scouts for my Ultramarines army for a while now.  I don't like the heads that come in the Scout box, so I started looking around for suitable replacements.  I looked on Maxmini's site and was delighted to see these new Boonie Hat heads up for purchase.  I picked up some of the Boonie Hat heads along with some Ash Junker, and Generic Male heads.  I've purchased from Przemyslaw Jeske the owner/operator of Maxmini in the past with no problems.  Jeske makes some superior resin sculpts.  I think the heads I purchase are going to add a lot of character to my miniatures.  As a side note, Maxmini was nice enough to send me a free sniper rifle, how sweet is that. 

MaxMini heads, and sniper rifle
Boonie Hat heads

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