Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tau Army

I’m working on redoing my Tau army that has been sitting inside old boxes for seven years.  I began by dusting everything off and taking an inventory of what I had on hand.  I have 2 Ethereals, 12 Crises Suits, 12 Stealth Suits, 2 Devilfish, 1 Hammerhead, 30+ Fire Warriors, 30+ Kroot, 2 Forge World Marker Drones, 3 Forge World Air Caste, and scores of regular Drones.  The jewel of my old Tau army is a Barracuda Air superiority fighter.  It’s going to look great once I strip it, and find a new base for it.

With my inventory complete I submerged the infantry and Crisis Suits in Super Clean.  My Tau have been soaking in the stuff for a month.  I’m in no hurry to get them out of their bath.  I’m happy to know that they will be ready for stripping when I find the time. 

I purchased some reinforcements for my Tau a few weeks back.  I picked up a Riptide, Sun Shark, 3 Broadsides, some Pathfinders, Longstrike, Darkstrider, and a Fireblade.  To give my army a unique look, I purchased some aftermarket bits from Paulson Games and Zealot Miniatures.   I think these two forces mixed together will be a considerable army to fight with.  Now I have to work out the point values and pick out a paint scheme. 

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