Friday, September 20, 2013

Gaming Templates

I lost my flame template for my 40K game a while back and needed to replace it.  I had the option to buy a new one, but instead I copied the templates in the back of the main rule book. 

The templates were easy to make.  I copied the page with the templates on it.  After copying them on a color printer, I cut them out with a scissor.  I cut out the holes in the center of the templates using an X-acto knife.  I had the templates laminated at my local Staples.  Then I cut them out leaving a little plastic around the edges of the template, to keep the templates from warping.  Done. 



  1. All in all what was the cost and how is the durability? Was it worth the effort for the cost savings?

  2. I think I spent more than $5, but less than $10 to make. I asked for the thickest plastic Staple's has, the templates are here to stay. Check with your local Staples or office supply chain to see how much they charge for the service.