Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tau Suits

I began collecting Tau miniatures when GW released them in late 2001.  I think it was the Crisis Battle Suits that attracted me to collect the army.  The suits reminded me of Robotech mecha.  I remember the army didn't play well on the table, it was weak in every aspect imaginable.  I placed my Tau army away in storage and moved on.

Today I enjoy the painting and building part of the hobby, and play games once in a while.  I wanted to update my Tau army, and give it a second life.  I spent many hours assembling and posing my Tau.  I believe the original Crisis Suits were to static and cried out for motion.  I used green stuff, pins, and after market bits to help give my Tau some variety.

I do own one of the new Crisis Suit boxes that came out last year.  The new suits designed well. The problems I address above are not present on the new suits, which is a good development for the kits.  I look forward to putting the new suits together when I find time.

The unique bits were designed by Jon Paulson of Paulson Games, whose bits can be found on Red Dog Minis website.

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