Monday, April 8, 2013

Last Month I was busy taking care of things at work, that my hobby blog was neglected.  I did get around to do some hobby work for the Independent Characters podcast for their Hobby Progress Challenge.  Last, I attended the LA Battle Bunker (RIP) the week it was down sized by Games Workshop.


With the economy being in such bad shape, it was only a matter of time before Games Workshop started to close its Battle Bunkers around the country.  I managed to get in a game with Blake 'Big Nasty B' of Life After the Cover Save fame, before the Bunker was closed down for good. Blake just so happens to stand as tall as a Space Marine in full power armor, interesting.     



  1. I think Blake might actually be the Emperor... but fatter. :-) His gene-seed is perfect.

    Great work on your Ultras! I am really liking how your Vulkan came out and the IC Banner looks pretty sweet!

  2. Thanks Col. Dracus for the words of encouragement. I have been using Arsies Studio's tutorial on how to paing Sternguard. I haven't made any modifications to the paints he recommends. I used his techniques to paint Blake's Blood Angels. The only step I added was using Testor's Matte Dull Cote to seal the miniatures after I'm done painting them. The Matte Dull Cote does not alter the colors of the miniatures like Krylon Matt Finish does.