Saturday, February 1, 2014

Battle Foam review.

There are many different products a miniature war gamer can use to transport their armies from home to hobby store.  Some of the more popular brands are KR Mulitcase based in the UK, and Tablewar Cases located in the USA.  Both of these manufacturers put out a good product, and have earned the trust and business of their customers by putting out a durable and practical product.  I probably would have bought some KR, or Table war cases in the past if I hadn't found Battle Foam cases years ago.  Once you have invested in a particular case manufacturer, odds are you will remain with them out of convenience and brand loyalty.

I own Battle Foam cases, their products are durable, and well though out. Battle Foam has a two part system.  First you need to buy a bag, which comes in many sizes and colors.  Then you need to purchase the foam trays that will be holding your miniatures in place during transport.  You can go with their generic foam trays, or create your own trays using their custom foam tray creator.   I have used their custom tray creator in the past, and my trays arrived to my specifications.  Battle Foam also offers a discount to active and former military members, you will have to show them proof that you are serving or have served.  I think Battle Foam offers a good product, and if you are searching for a case to carry your miniatures around, take a look at Battle Foam. 

(All we are saying, is give peace a chance)

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