Sunday, January 4, 2015

Good bye to 2014, and hello 2015.  Last year was full of interesting personal events.  The highlight being my engagement to a wonderful woman.  I purposely reigned back my hobby time, to give more attention to my relationship.  I enjoy my hobby, but love my woman.  We are looking forward to getting married in early 2015.

I had a good hobby year.  Spent the majority of 2014 painting up a Tau army for the Independent Character's Hobby Progress Challenge 2014.  I pushed myself to complete the challenge, even when things got busy.  This year I plan to do a personal 1 hour a night hobby commitment.  'From small beginnings come great things'.  

I had another successful run of the West Coast Podcast Alliance T-shirt.  The first WCPA T-shirt had a Independence Day feel to it.  I wanted a complete departure from that theme for my second shirt.  I wanted to be bold with the design, and understand if people feel it has dark undertones.  This time I went with a revolutionary theme for the shirt. 


I dabbled in other game systems, even going as far as challenging Juston TSB to see who could paint up a small group for Warhmachine and Hordes.  I lost that challenge, because I could not find the extra time to finish the miniatures.  I did complete a Malifaux Ten Thunders crew for a friend of mine.  I thought the Wyrd miniatures are a pain to put together.  They are full of detail, and look good once they are painted up.  

I was able to finish another squad of jump marines for Blake of Life After the Cover Save fame.  

I don't know what 2015 will hold for me hobby wise.  I am ready to jump into putting together some of my many plastic kits which are collecting dust in my hobby closet.  I am also going to jump into some new game systems, and expand my gaming options for 2015.  Right now I'm ready to try some of the games I backed on Kickstarter, among those games are Relic Knights, Rivet Wars, and Dead Zone.  I also have miniatures ready to go for Infinity, Warmachine, and Dark Age.  

It's the beginning of the year and I'm ready to get started with my hobby.  I'm optimistic on where 2015 will lead me.  Two things I am going to try out for the first time are a Kanban Board, and resin casting.  I have 12 months to figure that out.  Cheers to everyone, and see you soon (ish).  

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