Monday, April 8, 2013

West Coast Podcast Alliance T-shirts were shipped out.

I'm a fan of three 40K hobby podcasts that operate out of Southern California.  The shows are Life After the Cover Save (LAtCS), Imperial Vox Cast (IVC), and The Independent Characters (ICs).  The three shows belong to the West Coast Podcast Alliance (WCPA).  I wanted to support the three podcasts and help spread the word by making some WCPA T-shirts and offering other listeners a chance to pick one up for themselves.  Unfortunately for me the T-shirts weren't popular, and I wasn't able to generate much interest in them from the three WCPA forums.  I did get a break when the hosts of IVC and ICs agreed to help me out by picking up some shirts, especially Tor of IVC fame who picked up two shirts for himself.  With the help of two other courageous fans out there Adan 'Blacksword' from the ICs forum, and Philip 'Gazpacho Soup' from the LAtCS forum, I was able to complete the order with Uberprints.

In order to complete the T-shirt order I had to buy three shirts for myself.  I only needed one, so I donated two of them.  One went to Carl at the ICs, in hopes that he will use it in a WCPA contest, and the second went to Robo Ed at LAtCS, as a gift for all his work in keeping the show going after one of the show's founding cast members left the podcast. 

Shirts are in 

LAtCS, ICs and IVC
A picture of Blake, Carl and Bill at At Ease Games located in Poway, CA. 

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