Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I use two types of airbrushes.  The first one I purchased is an Iwata Eclipse HP CS Japan KF.  I use it to base coat my miniatures, and to put down layers of paint on large models like my vehicles and buildings.  The .35mm and .5mm nozzles are to big for fine detail work. 

Here is a video on how to clean and care for your Eclipse airbrush, posted on YouTube by ChuckBauman.

The second airbrush I purchased is the Badger Renegade Krome.  I use it as a general purpose airbrush, and a detail airbrush.  The .21mm nozzle is great for painting highlights on armor.  What I don't like about the Krome is how tiny the nozzle actually is.  The nozzle is about 1/16", which makes it a pain to clean.  When you clean the nozzle make sure you have placed a bowl underneath it, so in case it drops you can easily find it. The nozzle is also prone to clogging with thicker paints, this is to be expected since it is so small.


Here is a video on how to clean and care for your Krome airbrush, posted on Youtube by Airbrushnews. 

My biggest mistake in my airbrush adventures was buying a tank less compressor.  I own an Iwata Sprint Jet compressor.  What a piece of garbage, the Spring Jet begins to over heat 20 minutes after its turn on.  The only reason I don't buy a new one is the cost.  Until my current compressor burns out, I'm compelled to use it.

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