Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I airbrushed some of my battlewagons at the beginning of July.  I field my battlewagons with a deff rolla, two big shootas and red paint job.  I think a deff rolla is the key to success, the damage it does bypasses the dismal ork ballistic skill.  The next best thing would be a huge skorcha of some kind.   I believe battlewagons should be painted red for the +1" to movement to help them deliver their payload as fast as possible.  The two big shootas are there for light support, a throw back from 5th Edition. 

I undercoat my vehicles with Black Krylon primer.  I then use a deep brown color as my base coat.  I then speckle on an orange color on top of the brown with a miniature clam shell sponge that were readily available in the old blister packs.  Once the paint drys I use a sponge to apply a latex mask over the vehicle.  These three steps are done before I add the first layers of actual color I want to use for the vehicle. 

I used MarneusAugustaCalgar's armor painting method.  The highlights are done towards the inside, while the edges are left in shadow. 

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