Friday, August 31, 2012

I received a bucket full of my old miniatures in the mail, you have to love parents.  I started playing 40K during the Rogue Trader days.  Back then it didn't matter what your marines looked like, because they all shared the same stats.  There weren't any rules differentiating the chapters.  I had always wanted to run a crusader army with different units identified by their chapter colors.  So I did that, and the following are my attempts to seeing that vision come true.  The models bellow are 1st generation plastic Mark 6 Corvus Armor, with Mark 7 Aquila Armor arms and weapons.  The plasma guns are 1st generation ork plastic plasma guns.  Yes, that's how old they are, orks had plasma.  Here's the kicker, all the single miniatures are made of lead. 

 Space Wolves Grey Hunters

Blood Angels Assault Squad

Blood Angles Assault Squad Battle Banner

Blood Angles Tactical Squad Battle Banner 

 Ultramarines 1st company

Ultramarines Veteran Sergeant

Ultramarines Captain

Ultramarine Rapier

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